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California Courts with eFiling

Below are California Courts with active eFiling. CourtFiling.net regularly updates this information, but California laws are subject to change. Please reference the California Judiciary for a finalized list.

Court Civil Family Probate Criminal
Alameda  Not Available Permissive (Juvenile Only) Not Available Permissive
Butte Permissive (Unlimited Mandatory) Permissive Permissive Permissive Subsequent
Calaveras Permissive Permissive Permissive Permissive
Fresno Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
Kern Permissive Mandatory Permissive
Kings Permissive Permissive Permissive Permissive Subsequent
Court Reporter Transcript,
Probation Reports
Los Angeles Mandatory Permissive (DCFS Only) Mandatory
Mendocino Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
Merced Mandatory Permissive Mandatory Permissive
Monterey Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Permissive
Napa Permissive Permissive Permissive
Orange Not Available Mandatory Not Available Permissive Juvenile Delinquency Subsequent Only
Placer Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
Riverside Permissive Not Available Not Available Not Available
San Bernardino Not Available Voluntary (DCSS Only) Not Available Not Available
San Diego Mandatory Permissive Mandatory
San Luis Obispo Mandatory Permissive Mandatory Permissive
San Mateo Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
Santa Barbara Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
Santa Clara Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
Santa Cruz Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Permissive
Sonoma Permissive Permissive Permissive
Stanislaus Permissive Permissive Permissive Permissive
Sutter Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Permissive
Yolo Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory Permissive
Yuba Permissive Permissive Permissive Permissive

California Courts Coming Soon

Many California courts are coming soon. Please review the chart below for the anticipated launch dates for each court.


County/Court Case Types Voluntary Date Mandatory Date
Los Angeles Family TBD Q4, 2021
Riverside Civil Unlimited, Limited, Complex, Unlawful Detainers and Small Claims July 1,2021 September 1, 2021
San Bernardino DCSS TBD TBD
San Bernardino Non-Criminal TBD TBD
Shasta Non-Criminal TBD TBD
Tehama Non-Criminal TBD TBD

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