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CourtFiling.net is a certified electronic filing service provider (EFSP), meaning that our platform allows you to easily submit your court documents straight to the courthouse from the comfort of your computer.

As eFiling spreads across judicial systems in the United States, CourtFiling.net is expanding our services. Currently, we support eFiling in the following areas:

  • California Statewide
  • Los Angeles County, CA
  • Illinois Statewide
  • Cook County, IL
  • Indiana Statewide
  • Texas Statewide
  • Maryland Statewide – Coming soon!
  • New York Statewide – Coming soon!

Adam Camras

Chief Executive Officer

Adam Camras is the Chief Executive Officer of CourtFiling.net. He has been involved in the legal industry for over a decade and enjoys learning about the latest technology and trends affecting the industry. Adam travels the country for speaking engagements, to attend conferences, and to meet with members of the legal community. You can follow Adam on Twitter at @AdamCamras.

Trent Carlyle

Trent Carlyle

Chief Technology Officer

Trent Carlyle is the Chief Technical Officer of Courtfiling.net. Prior to founding CourtFiling, Trent earned his MBA from Colorado State University and went on to build and grow a number of software and internet start-ups. Trent works very closely with the technology and marketing teams overseeing product development. You can follow Trent on Twitter at @TrentCarlyle.

Marcus Niro

Marcus Niro

Brand Manager

Marcus Niro is the Brand Manager of CourtFiling.net, where he develops brand strategy, plans and executes communications, manages various projects, assists with product development, analyzes and generates sales, and builds relationships with clients. Marcus has over 7 years of experience in the legal industry as a paralegal, legal assistant, and legal runner. During his time as a paralegal, Marcus recognized the vast array of problems that occurred in the process of eFiling documents. Marcus is thrilled to make the shift to the legal technology industry and utilize his prior work experience to make eFiling easy, efficient, and precise.

Kyle Bahr

Kyle Bahr

Marketing Manager

Kyle creates impactful marketing strategies to make CourtFiling.net powerful and effective. Through emails and campaigns, Kyle helps our users get the most out of our platform. Kyle has several years of marketing experience for all types of brands and the legal industry, merging the gap between all our different users.

Gerard Moreno

Gerard Moreno

Director of Finance

Gerard is the Director of Finance at CourtFiling.net. Gerard has over 20 years of experience running finance and operations at Los Angeles law firms. In addition to his work in finance and law, Gerard is a member of the US Fencing team and four time paralympian. He also is a member of the LA Clippers Chairmen wheelchair basketball team and sits on the board of nonprofit organizations advocating for the disabled.

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