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CourtFiling.net is a certified electronic filing service provider. Our primary service is to make sure your documents get filed with the courts in the states and counties we support. In line with our goal to create easy and user-friendly electronic filing, we offer an additional service request to make sure that we meet your needs. We will do our best to offer a solution or point you in the right direction.

It is important to note that the additional service field is only sent to CourtFiling.net, not to the county clerk. Do not use the additional service field to request something from the courthouse.

Process Service
Courtesy Copies
Courtesy Copies to Court Departments/Judges
Electronic Service Notification/eService
Courier Services

Process Service

If you require service of process or physical courtesy copy delivery, please visit our partner site ServeNow.com, a nationwide network of trusted professional process servers. Search for a process server where the papers are to be delivered for quick service. You will need to contact the legal support professionals on the website for pricing and order fulfillment.

Since physical process service is not always a necessary part of eFiling, it is not included in CourtFiling.net’s automatic system or pricing. Hiring a professional process server will result in an additional fee between you and the server. However, if your case requires official delivery of legal documents, a local process server is the best course for action.

Courtesy Copies

CourtFiling.net is proud to offer electronic delivery of courtesy copies – (for Courtesy Copies to Court Departments/Judges click here). Courtesy copy emails are not eService. They are intended for notification purposes only. To take advantage of free courtesy copy emails through CourtFiling.net, put the desired service contact email address(es) in the specified Courtesy Email Notice field.

Courtesy Copy Field

If you require your physical delivery of courtesy copies, you must hire a legal courier or delivery service, something offered by most professional process servers. CourtFiling.net handles the electronic part of eFiling, so please contact a professional process server through ServeNow.com for your physical process service/delivery needs.

Read the difference between electronic service (eService) notifications and courtesy copy emails.

Courtesy Copies to Court Departments/Judges

Depending on your courtroom and assigned judge, you may have to send courtesy copies to court departments. If the courtroom and/or judge requires courtesy copies, the paperwork must be physically delivered with a paper copy. You may hire a process server through ServeNow.com to deliver these documents for you.

Keep in mind, not all departments need courtesy copies, so CourtFiling.net does not send/deliver courtesy copies to departments automatically. Instead, the delivery of courtesy copies to the court’s departments is outside of our digital system. Typically, the best practice is to send the courtesy copy one week before your hearing date or on the same day you submit paperwork, unless otherwise noted.

If you are unsure of the courtroom/judges policies, search your court’s website for the judge’s standing order or contact the court directly. Below are some commonly requested links to help you get started:

The courtesy copy you send to the department/judge should be the same version of the documents that you filed with CourtFiling.net and include the confirmation notice that your files were electronically submitted.

Electronic Service Notification/eService

Electronic service notifications are digital files sent to opposing counsel and/or case parties for official eService. eService is electronic delivery of documents served to the specified individuals through their provided email address. To utilize our eService feature, you can add and attach firm service contacts to your filing.

CourtFiling.net provides this service free of charge so opposing counsel or others can receive the required documents upon submission in digital files. Read more about the difference between an electronic service notification and a courtesy copy email.

Courier Services

If you need documents or packages delivered, that request is outside of CourtFiling.net’s services. Please contact a local courier or process server to discuss their fees and requirements to deliver your materials to their desired location.


Please keep in mind that our eFiling system is automatic after submission. We cannot edit your submission or change processes. If you have any miscellaneous requests that do not follow standard procedure or the categories above, please contact the courthouse for the best way to proceed.

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