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Updates to Solve Cook County Filing Issue: Case Cross Reference Numbers

Many filers in Cook County have run into a couple of problems when filing with the new electronic system. This is regarding a section of the filing process for Cook County called “Case Cross Reference Numbers.”

There are two major problems Cook County attorneys and other legal professionals are running into right now:

  1. Filers forget to add their Cook County attorney code.
  2. Filers don’t enter case cross reference codes in order to have the system assign a hearing date.

At CourtFiling.net we have updated our dashboard to include an alternate display specifically for Cook County. When the filer selects a Cook County case or court in the dashboard, the Case Cross Reference Code section updates with new fields.

The update includes the following fields:

  1. Separates out Cook County Attorney Code into a separate, required field.
  2. Separates out the Motion / Calendar sections, and requires both in order to schedule a hearing.
    Upon selection of a code, we default on the word “Motion” for the value, which can be changed by the user if they wish.

Case Cross Reference Numbers

When switching to a required, electronic system, courts and attorneys are bound to run into unforeseen issues with document requirements and working within a new dashboard. As an electronic filing service provider (EFSP), CourtFiling.net is committed to quickly adjusting our system to the benefit of filers, making the entire process easier overall.

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