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Cook County, IL: Citations to Discover Assets and Garnishments

Filing Citations to Discover Assets and Garnishments in Cook County, Illinois’ eFiling system requires some specifications that, if not applied properly, may result in a rejected filing. To properly eFile these documents, make sure that your headers, case cross reference number, and return dates are completed correctly.

Headers for Citations to Discover Assets and Garnishments must have a 2” x 2” header free of any text, images, etc. Throughout Illinois’ state courts, the top-margin of the first page of any filing must be two inches from the top. Cook County requires that you must keep the upper right 2” x 2” corner blank. Here is an example header of a Cook County Citation to Discover Document:

Cook County document header example

Case Cross Reference Numbers must be included on your Citations to Discover Assets and Garnishment filing. It is imperative that you include this information otherwise your filing will be rejected.

Filling out hearing dates for these documents is more tricky. Depending on the Division, you will either set up the hearing date under the Return Date section or use the usual methods to schedule a hearing, (i.e. add “motion” to the Case Cross Reference Number field and pick a date from the pop-up calendar after you submit your filing).

If you are filing in Cook County-Municipal Civil, select the date in the Return Date section. For other Divisions, select the date using the methods to schedule a hearing.

Once you receive notice that your filing is approved, the clerk confirms your hearing date and stamps said date on your filed document(s).

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