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How to eFile Combined Motion Types in Cook County

Since eFiling became mandatory in Cook County, Illinois, paralegals and attorneys are creating new workflows to accommodate a changing filing system. One issue that has an established solution is filing a motion with multiple events. The solution that the court requires when you need to file such a motion is to upload the same motion multiple times under different filing codes.

eFiling Combine Motion Types

For example, if your motion is entitled “Emergency Motion to Comply and Vacate Court Order of 7/23/2018,” you would need to upload the same paperwork/motion three times under the three different Motion Filing Codes (Emergency Motion, Motion to Comply, and Motion to Vacate). Specifically, upload the motion under the code “Emergency Motion.” Once that is complete, file the same motion under the code “Motion to Comply.” Upload the motion for the third time under the code “Motion to Vacate.”

This workflow stems from the eFiling court system that only allows one type of Motion Filing Code at once.

For your records, here are the available Motion Filing Codes currently available in the eFiling system:

  • Answer to Motion Filed
  • Emergency Motion Filed
  • Motion Filed
  • Motion for Appointment of Special Process Server Filed
  • Motion for Extension of Time
  • Motion to Comply
  • Motion to Dismiss Filed
  • Motion to Reinstate Filed
  • Motion to Vacate Filed
  • Motion to Vacate Non-Final Order/Judgment
  • Motion to Vacate, Modify/Reinstate… < or = 30 days
  • Motion to Vacate, Modify/Reinstate… < or = 30 days (government)
  • Motion to Vacate, Modify/Reinstate… > or = 30 days
  • Motion to Vacate, Modify/Reinstate… > or = 30 days (government)

This is important to know especially when there is a filing fee connected to one of the events, i.e. the Motion to Vacate. If you do not pay the required fee, your filing will be rejected.

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