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CourtFiling.net is proud to offer comprehensive electronic filing for Texas Courts! As eFiling sweeps the nation, CourtFiling.net is staying ahead of the curve by providing a user-friendly dashboard, help articles, and 24/7 support. As a certified electronic filing service provider (EFSP), CourtFiling.net can help you navigate the complicated system of eFiling.

Our eFiling platform connects with Tyler Technologies, meaning your paperwork is still filed directly to the Texas county clerk. However, we offer the advantage of an easier workflow and faster training times than using Tyler Technologies’ stand-alone platform.

CourtFiling.net was created in response to complicated eFiling portals that untrained professionals struggled using. Aligned with our goals to make eFiling easy, we offer PDF conversion, detailed reports, case summaries, and more, all designed out in a logical layout.

Whether you are a lawyer, paralegal, or self-represented litigant, use CourtFiling.net to make filing your legal documents in Texas’ court system easy. To help guide you to eFiling success, check to see what Texas Courts are active and require eFiling.

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