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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any other costs associated with eFiling beyond CourtFiling.net’s service fees?

Yes. In all eFiling implementations there will be the typical court filing fees mandated by each state’s court fee schedule. Other services, such as credit card convenience fees, or other Court or County mandated fees may apply.

Does your eFiling service also provide for electronic service to opposing counsel or other parties?

Yes. In each state electronic service works slightly differently, but electronic service of eFiled documents is an available feature.

Are there any file size limits, or limits on the number of documents or pages contained in a filing submission?

Yes. Again each state does have file size limits, and also requires your documents be submitted to the court in a PDF format. The file size limits do differ by state ranging from a max file size of 7MB to 35MB for a single document and 15MB to 100MB for the total of all documents in a filing submission. In all states, there is no limit to the number of documents or pages submitted in a filing submission as long as you do not exceed the total file size limit and all the documents are intended for a single case.

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