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Category: California

San Mateo Family Law eFiling Now Available

eFiling for Family Law cases is now permissive in San Mateo Superior Courts.

LA Complex Civil Delayed

Los Angeles Complex Civil eFiling’s mandatory date is now July 1st, 2019.

Requests for Dismissals: Temporary Change

Requests for dismissals eFiled in the Stanley Mosk Courthouse are still allowed to be eFiled. However, the approved return will be physically mailed until the court backlog is cleared.

LA eFiling: New Mandatory Dates

The LASC delayed mandatory eFiling dates for Complex Civil and Family Law cases to April and May of 2019, respectively.

Los Angeles Unlimited Civil eFiling is now Mandatory

Start eFiling your legal documents for your Unlimited and Complex Civil cases in Los Angeles Superior Court. CourtFiling.net is here to help you submit your documents accurately.

Los Angeles Civil eFiling: Court Backlog

The Los Angeles Superior Court is currently experiencing delays processing paperwork for LA Civil eFilings. CourtFiling.net’s system remains fully operational, but the return of your documents may be slowed due to the court’s backlog.

Sacramento County Courthouse: Partial Work Stoppage

While CourtFiling.net’s services are unaffected, Sacramento’s partial work stoppage may slow court procedures and affect the approval and rejection response for eFiled documents.

How to Deliver Courtesy Copies to Court Departments

Courtesy copies serve as notifications that legal paperwork is eFiled into the court system. Some court departments/judges require courtesy copies are sent to them, but they cannot be electronically delivered. Rather, court department courtesy copies must be physically delivered with a paper copy.

Los Angeles Limited Civil eFiling is now Mandatory

Los Angeles Limited Civil eFiling is mandatory as of December 3rd, 2018. Use CourtFiling.net to electronically file your legal documents today!

Los Angeles Unlimited & Complex Civil Live

eFiling is now available for Los Angeles Unlimited Civil and Complex Civil Cases starting December 3rd, 2018.

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