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Why was my eFiled paperwork rejected?

eFiling, or the process of electronically submitting your legal paperwork into the court system for review by the court clerk, can be a tricky process to master. If the process and paperwork are not completed correctly, the clerk will reject your paperwork and you must refile with the corrections made.

Please note that the courts reject paperwork, not CourtFiling.net. If your paperwork is rejected, please look for reasons provided by the court.

Rejection Reasons

The court should provide reasons why they rejected your paperwork. If you cannot find any information, please contact the courthouse directly.

To offer direction and help you eFile correctly the first time, be on the lookout for any possible errors listed below:

  • Incorrect court location
  • Incorrect case category or case type
  • Incorrect document type
  • Incorrect fee
  • Wrong file type
    • Most courts require a text-searchable PDF
  • Payment not received
    • Inappropriate use of fee waiver
  • Improper redacting
  • Mismatched party names on documents and case records
  • Wrong filing code
  • Incorrect bundling of documents and envelopes
  • Missing information, documents, or signatures
  • Files are submitted as a new case when it is an existing case.
  • The wrong case number selected for an existing case.
  • Document is exempt from eFiling and must be submitted physically or through another mean.

There are numerous other reasons for rejected paperwork. Reasons vary due to the courthouse rules, case type, etc. Be sure that you meet the points listed above and you file paperwork in accordance with your court’s standards.

Next Steps

Compile Rejection Reasons

If your filings are rejected, the first step is to determine why so you can take appropriate action. Search for the rejection reason provided by the court that will provide direction on what needs correction. If you cannot find or do not understand the rejection reason, please contact the courthouse directly.

Make Changes

Following the rejection reasons, make the appropriate changes to your submission and files. Each problem listed should be fixed before resubmitting.


When ready, resubmit your documents. Be sure to include a note to the clerk that you are resubmitting documents following a rejection. Since you are eFiling again, the same fees apply and your payment method is charged accordingly.


Before eFiling, it is best that you are properly informed of best practices so that your paperwork is not rejected. Ensuring that everything is correct on the first submission will save you (and the court) time and money.

If you have any questions regarding eFiling, reference our resources listed below, contact a legal professional, or seek assistance from the court.

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