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LA Civil eFiling Meeting – What You Missed

The Los Angeles Superior Court will soon implement eFiling of all documents filed in the Civil Division, so to help prepare, the Los Angeles Superior Court (LASC) held a public meeting to provide information on how eFiling will work in LA County. The meeting featured a presentation that touched on the basics of eFiling followed by a question and answer session with eFiling service providers.

CourtFiling.net attends LA Civil eFiling Meeting

Presenters included Hon. Kevin C Brazile – Presiding Judge Elect Los Angeles Superior Court, Sherri R. Carter – Executive Officer / Clerk of Court – Los Angeles Superior Court, Hon Daniel J. Buckley – Presiding Judge – Los Angeles Superior Court, and Snorri Ogata – Chief Information Officer – Los Angeles Superior Court.

Both the presentation and Q&A session addressed a plethora of topics with the aim to clear any confusion about the new eFiling process. They reviewed the basics of eFiling, from who has to file to how to find an electronic filing service provider (EFSP). More technical aspects such as file sizes, correctly scanning documents, and bookmarking were also covered. They shared the common reasons why documents get rejected, whether it’s selecting incorrect information or missing required information or documents.

Here are some key takeaways from their presentation:

Initial Filings

  • Case numbers, filing ribbon stamp, assigned officer, and courtroom appear on the front page of all filings.

Potential Rejections Reasons

  • Incorrect court location
  • Incorrect case category
  • Incorrect case type
  • Incorrect payment account options
  • Party names entered differ from names on document(s)
  • Incorrect party type
  • Party address does not match address on initial petition
  • Incorrect document type
  • Illegible document selected
  • Multiple filing documents are submitted as a single filing code

Courtesy Copies

  • Courtesy copies are required if documents are eFiled within two days of the hearing date
  • Courtesy copy should include proof of electronic submission
  • Courtesy Copies are required for:
    • Any printed document required pursuant to a Standing or General Order
    • Pleading and motions of 26 or more pages
    • Demurrers
    • Anti-SLAPP filings
    • Motions for Summary Judgment/Adjunction
    • Motions to Compel Further Discovery

Document Requirements

  • Text-searchable PDFs
  • Proposed orders should have both a DOCX and PDF version
  • Exhibits attached to documents need to be bookmarked (highlighted or otherwise noted)
  • Internally linking to other relevant sections of your document is encouraged

Document Exempt from eFiling

  • Peremptory challenges
  • Challenges for cause of a Judicial Officer
  • Trial and Hearing Exhibits
  • Bonds/Undertaking Documents
  • Lodged documents
  • Notice of lodging should still be eFiled

Ex Parte Changes

  • Filings for ex parte needs to be completed by 10am the day before the court date
  • Appearance required with proposed order by applicant on the day of the ex parte
  • Oppositions to ex parte filed by 4:00pm do not need a courtesy copy with proof of electronic submission.
    • Oppositions should be eFiled by 8:30am the day of

Return Time

  • The time to process your papers can vary from two hours to two days. To help guarantee that your paperwork will be processed in the same day, file before 10am.


  • Electronic service of process should be completed through the electronic filing service provider (EFSP) and not emailed in your own personal account.

Filing Deadlines

  • To have your papers considered filed on a specific date, be sure that they are submitted by 11:59pm.
  • However, many electronic filing service providers recommend completing and submitting paperwork by 11:45pm to ensure that there is no delay with your internet connection.

Future Plans

  • Appellate eFiling is planned for 2019.

CourtFiling.net + Los Angeles eFiling

CourtFiling.net was excited to attend this meeting to meet eFilers and learn more details about Los Angeles eFiling.

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CourtFiling.net attends LA Civil eFiling Meeting

If you have any questions about eFiling, view our Los Angeles eFiling guide, read Superior Court of California County of Los Angeles Civil efiling FAQ, or contact our support for more help.

See the slideshow for more information about these eFiling issues and more. Common LA eFiling questions are also answered on the LA Court website.

LA eFiling Guide

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